Development Finance – The Bridge Finance Direct Way.

Bridge Finance Direct is a highly experienced broker of property development finance for new build, redevelopment, extension and conversion projects offering a full service of contractors, solicitors, conveyances, architects and structural engineers.

We will help you every step of the way not only financing your project, but also helping you plan your project right from the inception through to full development project management.

Bridge Finance Direct offers an efficient flexible fast service, facilitating property developers development finance from £20,000 to £20 million for acquisition and construction costs of developers projects.

We have been helping property developers with development finance since 1989, our financing knowledge and experience allows us to offer a great deal more than just development finance.

Bridge Finance Direct offers not just bridging loans as our name suggests, but did you know that we are also a mortgage broker, commercial mortgage broker and development finance specialist.

We are an established finance broker well known for offering exceptional client services for experienced property developers and new property developers. Clients always receive a highly personalised service and we tailor finance to clients individual needs.

We have a vast array of lenders to chose from and unlike banks we can compare bridging finance deals for you finding the right deal at the right price fast.

We like to provide very fast decisions on new clients projects making finance available often within days.

Our fast finance approval system means that we can finance property development projects often within days, this is a major plus to any property developer, experienced or new.

Property Development Loans and Building Finance

Simply contact Bridge Finance Direct today and we will quickly assess your development project, offering help and assistance in any way that we can. We will then contact you quickly to let you know how much you can borrow and how fast funds will be available to you.

Example Development Finance Loan.

Purpose of Loan - To help fund New build of four semi detached houses in Saffron Walden.

Redevelopment Plot Purchase Price - £500,000

Build Costs - £600,000

GDV - £1.54 Million (Gross Development Value (GDV))

Loan Facility - £600,000.

What is Property Development Finance?

Property development finance facilitates borrowing between £20,000 to £20 million to finance new build, redevelopments or refurbishments of properties or development land.

Property development finance is ideal for property developers and property investors. Knowing in advance that funds are available for your development allows you to focus on planning and running your development project allowing you to maximise profit on your investment.

At Bridge Finance Direct, we can help finance the acquisition and development (purchase and construction) costs for the following examples, if you do not see a fit for your project please contact us anyway as we are experts at financing complex and unusual deals.

Redevelopments All Types of Properties, Flats Houses, Apartments.

Care homes, sheltered housing, clinics and surgeries

Retail developments, Commercial, Industrial and office block developments

Residential development and redevelopment projects

New builds projects

Extensions and additions


Conversion Development Projects

Development Finance Is Available for Commercial and Residential Developments

Our experience shows through client feedback that many property development finance brokers today lack a full understanding of today's ever changing property sector. We understand that you will come across many challenges during planning and implementation of your development project.

This is where Bridge Finance Direct stands out from the rest, we are highly experienced in property development and funding even the most unusual difficult projects, we will make certain from your initial contact that your goals are not restricted by a financial package that is not totally suited to your individual needs.

We will even help you plan your project and put the right professional contractors in place to make certain that your development project runs smoothly and returns everything that you expect from your investment.

If you are concerned about hidden fees then there is no need, we are completely transparent and there will never be any hidden fees with Bridge Finance Direct.

Bridge Finance Direct Has Years of Experience in Development Finance.

Since 1989, we have established a reputation for fast decision making, total flexibility, and exceptional service rarely found within the property finance sector. With a total in depth understanding of how property development and development finance works, we can tailor the service that we provide to suit even the most complex of development projects.

So How Can Bridge Finance Direct Help With Your Development Needs?

We would love to talk to you about your development and will offer free help and advice including helping you put a realistic proposal together to help you maximise the amount that you can borrow to finance your project.

Remember we are at your service and can provide funding for developments from £20,000 to £20 Million, you will find that we are fast and efficient and we aim to provide funds to our clients quickly.

In principle decisions are possible over the phone in minutes, we aim to deliver available funds to you within days, If your project needs financing fast and with a fantastic deal then Bridge Finance Direct is the finance broker for you.

Bridge Finance Direct: Property Development Finance Experts

We love to form strong relationships with our clients, we really get to know you and take great interest in your project.

We treat all of our clients as individuals and we offer personal friendly helpful service that others in our industry only dream of. We like to meet our clients face to face and keep them informed every step of the way.

Many major lenders and banks simply cannot offer the personal service that we do, and we encourage our clients to approach us for any help and advice that is required, nothing is too much trouble for Bridge Finance Direct because our clients come first every time.

Our personal hands on relationships lead to continuing relationships through many successive projects, and we love to be hands on helping and fully involved, we help in many ways and can recommend professionals and contractors who will give you money off their services because we introduced you.

Highly Respected Experienced Development Finance Providers

We pride ourselves in our track record in financing a large amount of property development projects for a wide and varied client base, we have the knowledge and experience to make your project a complete success.

So Bridge Finance Direct Exactly What Are Property Development Loans?

A property development loan allows you to progress your project making progress towards achieving your end result, and that needs not just finance but also flexible support each step of the way.

Finding the right finance for your project is only the start but never the less a vital step in the process, remember that choice is important and as we have a choice of numerous lenders then we know we will find the right funding for you.

If you make the wrong choice and are tied into an inflexible finance deal not tailored to your needs then the implications can be disastrous and effect your ROI badly,

Bridge Finance Direct can fund a wide range of development projects, including:

Bridging loans for residential and commercial developments.

Retail projects and offices even industrial property finance.

Housing development loans

Refurbishment loans

Conversion loans

Mixed residential and business property finance

We provide flexible finance from £30,000 to £3 million, financing anything from individual residential builds to large-scale multi-unit development complexes.

The typical development loan packages we provide include:

New build schemes - We can usually lend 100% of the construction costs and up to 50% towards the purchase price. We can also lend up to 50% of the GDV (gross development value)

Refurbishments / conversions - We can usually lend 100% of the construction costs and up to 50% towards the purchase price. We will lend up to 50% of the GDV (gross development value).

Bridging Finance – we will look at each case individually so it is worth calling a member of our team.

We aim to be as accommodating as possible when providing finance, so if you have any complex or difficult requirements, then contact Bridge Finance Direct and we’ll discuss your circumstances with you and show you how we can help.

Financing can be structured in stages running with your construction plan. As an illustration a typical development construction plan for a new build is normally split up into six stages:

Ground Works and Foundations

Wall Plate


Services First Fix

Services Second Fix

Completion or Practical Completion

If you require finance for acquisition or to clear any existing debt then this will be released to you at the planning stage.

The remaining finance can then be released in stages and on completion of each stage you can draw down of the funding.

With this type of development loan facility you will save money as you only pay interest on the finance drawn.

How to apply

With Bridge Finance Direct, applying for a property development loan couldn’t be simpler

Call us today, we will assess your needs over the phone, find the right deal for you quickly and then we can arrange for the form filling stage, and again we will help you with this and we try to keep it simple and straight forward for you.

We fully understand that in property development that you need to move quickly, therefore we aim to quickly give an in principle decision on that first phone call in minutes, further to this if your application is successful you can also expect to have funding for your property development in days.

We want to get your project moving quickly with the right property development finance, so you can be on site quickly without those costly delays that hold so many developers back.

How quickly can I expect a decision?

We aim to give an 'in principle' decision in minutes and at the most a few hours.

We can then give you a formal offer within a day or two allowing you to start planning fast.

How quickly can finance be made available?

If the relevant documentation is to hand, and your solicitor is fast and responsive then we can often make finance available from 2/3 working days of the offer being accepted. However the average time is 2-3 weeks.

What percentages of acquisition costs and building costs can you advance?

We can if required lend up to 100% of the building costs, if you require finance for the acquisition itself then speak to us as this is possible but is agreed on an individual basis.

Joint Venture? Ask Us About Additional Funding Available With Additional Securities.

Joint venture property developers are two or more entities working together to finance a development project, because a JV partnership or group have additional securities it can be possible to finance part of the acquisition costs in addition to the development funding.

What Other Types of Lending Can Bridge Finance Direct Provide?

Bridging loans and development financing are an area of expertise, however we are a property financing broker who can supply all types of property loans, in addition we arrange highly competitive mortgages, development mortgages, commercial mortgages and any other type of loan related to property or commercial or business needs.

In theory you could start with bridging finance or a property development loan, we can then help you with your exit strategy and move the bridging loan or development loan onto a highly competitive mortgage suited to your property and your circumstances.

This means that we can help you to plan your exit strategy and work with you to move any outstanding property loans onto a competitive mortgage deal, alternately should you want to sell your property on we can help you to arrange a mortgage for the buyer and reduce your costs in so doing.

What Costs Are Involved To Arrange a Property Development Loan?

There are no upfront costs to you until you agree a formal contract, once agreed then there are costs that need to be paid to progress the loan. Typically this would be from 2% of the agreed loan amount.

Interest rates depend on many factors, however we pride ourselves on our ability to furnish our clients with some of the most competitive property development financing interest rates available in the UK today.

All of our costs to you are transparent and presented to you up front, we can arrange fixed borrowing from 2% sometimes lower, however this is fixed but varies from client to client dependent on securities and financial circumstances.

Redemption fees are dependent on the type and duration of the loan facility, however with careful planning with our help these can be added to a mortgage should our clients wish to progress in that direction.

What are The Benefits of Using Bridge Finance Direct Compared To a High Street Bank?

Banks are normally restricted to their own products, at Bridge Finance Direct we have a selection of bank lenders and non bank lenders with which to find you a great deal fast, we go compare which is something that would take you days to do.

Many lenders will give us access to deals that are not available to the general public that you would never see, all of those deals are passed on directly to our customers.

Even though we are a broker we do not charge any brokerage fees, so you get those deals directly without any additional costs.

You can expect to get fantastic service from us and more importantly we will help you through the loan process, helping plan your project and your application for finance, you will find our team knowledgeable and very helpful.

We can give you the confidence to bid for properties and or plots in the knowledge that the funding will be available to you quickly.

We give a fantastic amount of help and assistance to our clients, why? because we want to form relationships with our clients that will last many years, if you are an experienced developer then you will find our services and our deals exceptional.

It is our hope that whenever you need finance for any project that you will be suitably impressed to come back to Bridge Finance Direct time and time again, as many of our development finance and bridging clients already do. Many of our clients have returned to Bridge Finance Direct for many successive development projects.

Bridge Finance Direct Development Finance Contact us Today or drop into our Office for a coffee and friendly help and advice with your project.

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